I believe that we can all have a great relationship with our horse.  Horses are a passion of mine. I train using positive reinforcement techniques.

I specialize in training gaited horses to gait smoothly on a loose rein using techniques that anyone can do at home.

I also encourage people to work with their horses at liberty.  I think it really helps horse and rider to bond and have a deeper relationship. 


Upcoming Events:

    Midland, Ohio      Omaha, Nebraska     Raleigh, North Carolina    Southern, Ohio

Trip out west

Check here for updates:

  • August 1-2: Rapid City, South Dakota

  • August 2-3: Bozeman, Montana

  • August 3-4: Spokane, Washington

  • August 5-8: Seattle, Washington area

  • August 9-10: Boise, Idaho

    • August 10th, 1-day clinic in Emmett.  Contact Angelia: 208-627-9699

  • August 11-13: Salt Lake City, Utah

    • Possibly longer at this location

  • August 13-16: Denver, Colorado area (I am willing travel in this area to give lessons)

  • August 19-21st: Clinic in Omaha, Nebraska







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